JCI Indianapolis has various standing and ad hoc committees. Committee descriptions are provided below. Members of JCI Indianapolis are encouraged to serve on one or more committees of their choosing. If you are interested in joining or learning more about a committee, please contact the Chair of the respective committee or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to indicate your interest.

Scroll to learn about each of the standing committees listed below.

Standing Committees:

  • Awards Committee
  • Bylaws and Policies Committee
  • Civic Engagement Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominations and Elections Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Discover Indy Committee
  • Let's Wine About It Committee
  • Spelling Bee Fundraiser Committee


The Awards Committee is a standing committee responsible for recognizing the accomplishments of members, individuals from the community, and organizations that exemplify the mission, goals, and objectives of JCI Indianapolis, as well as submitting award nominations to State, National, and International organizations as needed.

2018 Awards Committee Chair: Robin Lanning, Chairman of the 2018 Board


The role of the Bylaws & Policies Committee is to regularly asses the JCI Indianapolis Bylaws and Policies to ensure that they are appropriately guiding the organization in an effective manner.

2018 Bylaws & Policies Committee Chair: Alison Oppenheimer, EVP


The Civic Engagement Committee is a standing committee responsible for developing and fostering partnerships with businesses and organizations to further the goals, objectives, and programs of JCI Indianapolis.

2018 Civic Engagement Committee Chair: Robin Lanning, VP Civic Engagement

Communications COMMITTEE

The Communications Committee is a standing committee that oversees the strategic communications and marketing plan to promote JCI's mission and vision. The Committee provides guidance on the implementation of the marketing and communications plan, which includes:

  • Maintaining the integrity and increasing the usage of the JCI Indianapolis brand;
  • Assisting in the continuous development of the website;
  • Promoting partner participation to increase membership value, benefits, and satisfaction;
  • Creating and posting content to JCI social media accounts; and
  • Creating and disseminating newsletters.

2018 Communications Committee Chair: Oliver Henderson, VP Communication


The Events Committee works to create and coordinate various events in the realms of service, connection, and social to improve Indianapolis and grow the JCI Indianapolis local chapter. Events are planned to connect with the community in a variety of ways, to reach out to existing members and to support young professionals in making a connection with their city, Indianapolis. 

The Events Committee works with the Communications Committee in planning, publicizing, staffing and staging these events. 

2018 Events Committee Chair: Suzanne Brittain, VP Events


The Finance Committee is a standing committee responsible for generating financial policies and managing JCI Indianapolis' budget.

2018 Finance Committee Chair: Ross Gaddy, Treasurer


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for coordinating all donations and sponsorships to the organization along with developing and maintaining sponsorship programs that promote relationships and benefits to the organization, the members and the sponsors. They also develop and oversee the implementation of the Board's fundraising strategies, both for annual operating funds and event campaigns. The Fundraising Committee works closely with the Events and Communications Committees on ideas for events and marketing and outreach efforts. 

2018 Fundraising Committee Chair: Adam Burtner, Director-at-Large

Membership COMMITTEE

The role of the Membership Committee is to develop and implement an action plan for membership development. To be effective, JCI Indianapolis needs members. Our organization's ability to serve the community and develop leaders capable of serving JCI beyond the local level is directly related to the size and strength of its membership base. 

2018 Membership Committee Chair: Anna Bokman, VP Membership


The Nominations & Elections Committee is a standing committee responsible for organizing the elections for Board of Director positions to take place in November of each year.

2018 Nominations & Elections Committee Chair: Robin Lanning, Chairman of the Board


The role of the Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for oversight of JCI Indianapolis' current strategic plan.

2018 Strategic Planning Committee Chair: Alison Oppenheimer, EVP