JCI Indianapolis, previously known as the Indianapolis Jaycees, was chartered in 1933 and is the local chapter for the national (JCI USA) and international (Junior Chamber International) organizations. For over 80 years, JCI Indianapolis has been actively involved in building a better Indianapolis through programs & events developed by the young leaders who make up our membership. Today, our chapter connects like-minded young people interested in serving their their community to each other and to opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Join us in becoming an active citizen!


To be the place where leaders, professionals, and ideas merge to make Indianapolis happen.


To build a better Indianapolis by providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

JCI Indianapolis accomplishes this mission by:

  • Organizing events to connect Indianapolis residents to their community
  • Identifying and implementing sustainable solutions to issues in the Indianapolis community
  • Providing opportunities for JCI Indianapolis members to develop their professional skills

Fun Fact

Did you know JCI Indianapolis developed the #LoveIndy hashtag at our Loving the Circle Event in May 2012? 


We Are...


Our first goal is to connect - with each other, with our city, and with the world. And if that helps you build your business, then we love that, too!


We don't put bandaids on problems. We look deeper into the "why" of an issue to find sustainable solutions to the problems facing our generation.

Developing Leaders

Our members are tomorrow's leaders. We foster their skills through development + training opportunities in areas such as business development, event planning, non-profit management, recruiting, fundraising, and more....


We Are Not...

A Business Networking Group

We fully support the efforts of the outstanding networking groups here in Indy, but choose to focus on personal connections in all areas of our organization. 

A Service-Central Organization

We love to volunteer, and many of our programs have service elements, however we prefer to partner with service focused organizations to help increase our impact locally + globally.

A Social Club

We love to hangout, and social activities are an important part of membership. And darnit... we're fun! But we are also much more than just a group of friends. We are young active citizens looking to change the world. Will you join us?


About Junior Chamber International

We are JCI.

We are young active citizens all over the world. 

Living, communicating, taking action, and creating impact in our communities.

We develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. As globally minded young people, we all have rights, responsibilities, and share goals. We find targeted solutions to local issues benefitting our communities, our would, and our future. Embracing new ideas, collaboration, and diversity, we have the passion and courage to address the critical challenges of our time. 

Join us on our journey of local action for global impact. 

A Background Story

Henry Giessenbier founded the Jaycees in 1920, with 3,000 members, in St. Louis, Missouri. It was Henry’s vision to provide young people with opportunities which they had little or no access to otherwise attain. He believed that young people could change the world. He was right.

In his era, most young men were out of school and working by the age of 15. Their first jobs were most likely the jobs they held throughout their lives. With luck and hard work, some might reach executive positions by their forties. Giessenbier felt that young men were not receiving the opportunities necessary to develop their skills at a younger age, thus depriving our nation of an important resource, and so he formed the founding ideals of the U.S. Junior Chamber.

His theory was simple – to offer leadership opportunities to young people, giving them hands-on experience through serving the community. That concept has never wavered.

Some impressive JCI Accomplishments over the years: 

  • Get Out The Vote was the first Jaycee program to receive national endorsement (1920's)
  • Jaycee Charles Lindberg works with the Jaycee organization to help develop the U.S. Airmail Service (1920's)
  • Jaycees help form the National Wildlife Federation (1930's)
  • Jaycees lead national efforts to help war veterans adjust to civilian life (1940's)
  • Jaycees contribute more time and money to build and improve local libraries than what was provided by the federal government (1950's)
  • Jaycees supported statehood for Alaska.  Hawaii gained statehood the following year due to Jaycee efforts (1950's)
  • Jaycees raise over $300,000 to help finance the 1956 U.S. Olympic Team 
  • Jaycees work to create and enact the Uniform Vehicle Code - making all of the Nation's traffic and highway signs uniform still today (1960's)
  • Jaycees' Sign-Up America campaign collected 1.5 million signatures supporting America's Olympic athletes (1980's)
  • The U.S. Jaycees endorsed Campaign for Liberty to encourage public support for restoration of the Statue of Liberty (1980's)
  • Junior Chamber Mission Inn Foundation created to build a nationwide network of care facilities for children and adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS (1990's)
  • Jaycees create national programs such as Jaycees against Youth Smoking (JAYS) and Jaycee KidCare I.D. Program to aid in recovering of missing children (1990's)
  • A Legacy of Leadership is published, celebrating the Jaycees 75 Year History
  • First female elected National President (2000)
  • And today, members continue to identify the needs in our communities and strive to find sustainable solutions. . .